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Trevors Hardin
Trevors Hardin

AutoCAD 2008 X32 X64 Crack !!TOP!! ONLY

i did my original trial and i'm at 1.6gb of memory. that is on a 64-bit system with xp. i will never downgrade to a 32 bit again, except to run as a system and program manager, or to run on a non-x86 system, and that's about it. i bought a copy of autocad 2008, and have liked it so much i bought a license for a second copy of the program for my home computer.

AutoCAD 2008 X32 X64 CRACK ONLY

Download Zip:

the icons appear to work fine on my new, pristine xp 32-bit computer but since the pc i had autocad 2008 beta installed on had 64-bit windows xp, it did not know the icons were 64-bit and the icon cache got filled up with default icons. i lost the ability to use the icons and i found my 3gb ram was being taken by the 256mb cache. there were plenty of places in the help where it clearly said that you needed to upgrade to a 64-bit operating system.

first things first, what's a crack? i hear people saying "cracking' software is illegal" "it was already cracked" and so on. i call this a crack because the site is only for the crack and not the full version of the software. to sum up what the crack is: it is an unfettered version of autocad 2008.

i think that is stupid of them to try and upload this crack only version of the software. i really like to see where people like are getting the programs, otherwise, where do the packagers get their stuff. i am a designer and a programmer and this crack does not break any of the application or the security of my computer at all. i was doing some cad work, trying to reduce some errors in my block model. i had an employee that was busy designing an airplane and he used the wrong line style. i discovered this and fixed it but i would have had to do a lot more work if i did not have this crack. it is nice of you to do that for the community. i think you should change your website to one of a regular autodesk version, i want to be able to order and download the regular program from you.


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