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A sixty-minute physical training session is referred to as "Training Sixty." An adult age between 18 – 60 should do at least 60 to 150 minutes of aerobic physical activity and muscle-strengthening activities at moderate or greater intensity that provide various health benefits. Experience the most effective training program to achieve your fitness goal with Training Sixty. Our comprehensive training and nutrition plans are personalized based on your goal, training history, experience level, medical conditions and availability of equipments. We offered various programs through our  branded Training Sixty app with premium features. We also offered online live and offline at home /gym personal training programs according to your goal and preferences. Every individual is treated as a unique. We tailor our services to meet the needs and goals of each individual. Our significant approach to fitness is that big results will come from small improvements made over a consistent period of time. Our training programmes are personalised, structured, accountable, progress tracking, follow - ups and  much  more to ensure incredible results. Start  your transformation  journey  with Training  Sixty and become best version of yourself.



The Training Sixty strongly believes in the "Kaizen" principles approach to fitness and nutrition. Kaizen is a Japanese term that refers to "continuous improvement" or "change for the better". However, Kaizen is often associated with the lifestyle practise of continuous improvement, which is a key success principle. A safer and more sustainable approach to create change is by taking small steps. The process of taking small steps to create change is called "kaizen." Therefore, applying the "Kaizen" principles in the fitness training programme will be absolutely necessary and the most effective way to achieve the fitness goal.

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Our unique In - App personal training process help the clients to achieve their goals in a convenient and easy way, with an individual and personalised plan adapted to their lifestyle. Our step-by-step process help you to accomplish your fitness goals in specified time. An initial assessment regarding goals, lifestyle habits, health status, training history, nutrition, diet preferences and expectations is used to develop a plan. This helps us to lay the fundamentals for the most efficient and effective physique transformation possible to assist you in reaching your goals. Based on the assessment we create well-planned exercise programme which include rest and recovery advice, programme modification, measurement tools, nutritional guidance and motivation are all include in the programme. In the entire process your personal trainer is there for you every step of the way to keep you honest, accountable, and help you to accomplish your fitness goals.

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Sathish is a Certified Personal Trainer with 5 years of training experience. He has completed various academic and professional certification at the National and International Level. He is a dedicated online personal trainer to manage your entire transformation journey. His online fitness training program provides wide range of people who  have  different  fitness  goals  like improving body composition, fat loss, weight management, muscle gain, general fitness and much more.  A results focused online personal training program tailored to you and your goals to achieve the specific result you want. His training approach is not only to change your physical appearance but also bring fitness in to your lifestyle.

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