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Experience a Fantasy Adventure with Magic Quest APK for Android

MagiQuest is an interactive attraction in the form of a live action role-playing game where players take the role of magic users. The game takes place in dedicated MagiQuest locations. Players, known as Magi, use an infrared (IR) emitting wand to interact with objects. These objects are scattered throughout MagiQuest locations. By waving and pointing the wand at an object, referred to as "casting" in game, a player "activates" an object. For example, pointing a wand at a treasure chest will cause the chest to open, awarding an amount of gold to a player's account. At some locations, there are additional items available to purchase, which unlock secret areas or allow the player to go on added quests. Completing these additional quests or exploring these secret areas allow for even more in-game items, adding additional content to the game.[1][2]

The first MagiQuest opened in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at noon on June 15, 2005.[3] The opening celebration included live appearances by actors featured in the quests. Additional MagiQuest locations have subsequently opened in East Hanover, New Jersey and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Great Wolf Resorts made an agreement with Creative Kingdoms in 2008 to install the game at all current Great Wolf Lodge resorts. In 2010, MagiQuest opened in the County Fair Games Gallery at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. MagiQuest closed at the end of the 2010 park season and was removed from the park. On July 31, 2011, MagiQuest opened in Fun City at the Palisades Mall in West Nyack, New York. In Japan, there was a MagiQuest kingdom near Tokyo Dome as well as at Lagunasia park. In December 2011 - January 2012, the first Canadian MagiQuest opened in a Great Wolf Lodge in Niagara Falls, ON.

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CompassQuest, a very similar game, can be found in some of the same locations as MagiQuest. It uses a compass as well as a wand, and there are no boss battles, unlike MagiQuest. At the Myrtle Beach location, after completing a Wayfinder Quest, the compass can activate stations to show you where items are for every quest and adventure in the game. At Great Wolf Lodge, in addition to the Wayfinder and Treasure Quests, it unlocks 7 other quests centered around certain lands (Piney Path, Tangled Woods, etc.).

In Fall 2013, a new game called ShadowQuest (now known as Journey to Save the Light), the first of projects to be created by Great Wolf post buyout, began to appear at six of the MagiQuest locations at Great Wolf Lodge. In its early version, it used pre-rendered videos for quest intros and success videos. However, encounters are now rendered in real time, allowing for dueling spells to immediately take effect.

When the Great Wolf Lodge in New England opened in 2014, it featured a new version of MagiQuest called "Guardians of the Realm Portals", with new characters, updated quest requirements, and different strategies/real-time rendering for the pixie, goblin, and dragon encounters. It would continue to use the same software as the older game until the lodge was upgraded.

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In early 2016, the Anaheim lodge opened with a beta version of the new "MagiQuest Chronicles" which included a new version of Guardians of the Realm Portals, where all of the computer graphics (both at encounters and quest stations) are rendered in real time, as well as Journey to Save the Light (formerly ShadowQuest), and Rise of the Totem Masters, a toys-to-life game where the player levels up a totem figure by battling dark creatures. After the creation of MagiQuest Chronicles the original version and platform of the old game was dubbed as "Legacy MagiQuest" and Chronicles has also been given the fan name of "MagiQuest 2.0". It has since been expanded to all new Great Wolf Lodges that have opened in the past few years and the Williamsburg, Virginia location was also converted from the original game to MagiQuest Chronicles. The MagiQuest fan community has been quite critical of Chronicles as its quite different from the original gameplay and spirit of legacy.

At all MagiQuest locations opened prior to 2013, with the exception of the Williamsburg Great Wolf Lodge, players are provided with an "Ancient Book of Wisdom," a booklet containing hints and riddles to help locate necessary object for completing quests, game directions, requirements for adventures (more advanced quests that require the use of certain spells obtained by completing quests), and a map of the location. The book's contents are unique to each location, much like how the quests and adventures are also unique to each location. The Book of Wisdom's ShadowQuest counterpart is called the ShadowQuest Guide.

The objective of MagiQuest is to build and gain power by obtaining magic runes. These runes are awarded for completing certain tasks, using the wand to activate targets marked with a stylised Q. The runes available on Rune Quests are: Lightning, Enchant Creature, Music, Protection, Freeze, Distraction, Healing, Portal, Dazzle, Reveal, Ice Arrow, and Master Magi. While the Master Magi Rune does not grant any spells like the other Runes, earning it opens up new Rune Quests specifically for Master Magi. These Runes are the Fire, Shield, and Potion Runes. The Celestial and Great Wolf Runes are also available at some Great Wolf Lodge locations.

MagiQuest Online (MQ Online) was an online version of the game created by Cyan Worlds, the creators of Myst. The game ran on the same engine used in Cyan's own online game, Myst Online: Uru Live (Plasma engine). MQ Online was sold in chapters; but only the first chapter was developed and available for gameplay. While the game had a free trial mode, each "chapter" had to be purchased individually per player account. Players who completed chapter one online were allowed to access an additional quest, the Silver Dragon, that could be played at selected MagiQuest and Great Wolf Lodge locations in the United States.

On October 1, 2012 Creative Kingdoms announced it would discontinue MagiQuest Online on December 31, 2012. As of 2013, the game is no longer available, and the Silver Dragon quest was made available to all Master Magi who defeated Charlock, the red dragon.

No information is stored in either the wand or the compass. The player's name, birthday, and nickname are associated with the wand and/or compass ID number at the time of purchase. The exact names and date given are irrelevant. This association is stored in a central online database server, and can be transferred to a new wand if the original one is lost. The server tracks the current status (runes and gold acquired, current quest, etc.) of every player in the system.

Gameplay typically consists of using a kiosk to receive instructions for a quest or adventure, then finding and activating a series of game objects. The requirements for the initial quests are printed in an instruction booklet supplied with the wand, but some quests must be received from the kiosks and committed to memory. Informational kiosks throughout the complex can be used to find out what parts of the current quest have been completed and what is left to do, but these omit certain clues to the locations of the objects.

A pixel-style role-playing game, in the game, players will play a wizard with a variety of powerful magic, in the game has a lot of magical element magic, destroy all monsters, each magic can be combined with each other into a new magic ,very interesting.

Combat Quest is a full-throttle roguelike RPG in an incredible fantasy setting. Go ahead, monster hunter: embark on an epic quest and explore the world of magic! But be careful! The adventures you face can be dangerous. Get ready for ferocious monsters, strong bosses, all kinds of weapons, archery, a quest in a mysterious dungeon and lots of magic.

Description : Tower Defense Magic Quest - "Tower Defense" -style strategy in which players can help repel the attack on the kingdom of demons and conjure up all other fantasy creatures. The cohesion of all races allows you to meet the enemy in all weapons and show him real power. Great heroes will come to the front and with them the patronage of the gods in the form of destructive abilities. Features : * Epic magical battles * Lots of magical creatures: goblins, orcs, ogres, and many others * 6 unique areas to defend, allow you to have the full combat experience * No wifi internet required * Classic tower defense mechanics

This game will bring you the most classic and fun magic. As you go through each mission, you will further upgrade your level and rank. You have the right to level up your mage quickly and easily, depending on how each person plays.

Players will need to complete the individual tasks that this game brings in Tap Wizard. You will have to confront a series of dangerous and cruel monsters and defeat them simply through your clever and creative gameplay. Besides, you can upgrade magic to increase the strength of hero characters. With your determination and courage, you will surely conquer this game.

Tap Wizard will give you a lot of unique and attractive loot after each match. Not only that, you will increase your level and improve your rank. This has made many people extremely excited and impressed. Do your research and develop the newest ways to play to be the winner of this game. More than 100 unique kinds of magic are waiting for you to come and discover.

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