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Among The Shadows |TOP|

In Plato's Allegory of the Cave, he describes a cavernous chamber in which men are imprisoned. Although a large fire lights the cave, the prisoners cannot see the light source. Instead, they can only make out figures that dance and parade in front of them illuminated by the fire. The prisoners cannot even see the figures directly, only their shadows. Everything that the prisoners know about reality they have learned from the distorted shapes of the shadows dancing about the cave's walls. Socrates wonders, if a prisoner were suddenly freed and could see the objects themselves and not merely their shadows, whether he would know them from their two-dimensional shapes or whether he would be perplexed and find the objects less real than their images.

Among the Shadows

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Table 1 shows the association between various socio-demographic variables and depression among the geriatric population studied. Increasing age was found to be significantly associated with depression with more prevalence of mild as well as severe depression with increasing age. Both mild and severe forms of depression were found to be more in females (53% and 10.7%) as compared to males (41.7% and 6.1%) and this difference was found to be statistically significant. Special group had the least number of old people suffering from depression (25.9%), followed by rural group (63.6%) and maximum percentage was seen in urban group (75.5%). Mild depression was more common in urban group (69.1%) and severe depression in rural group (16.8%). More percentage of illiterate elderlies were found to be suffering from depression (mild as well as severe) as compared to literate ones. Religion was not found to be significantly associated with depression. Marital status was found to be significantly associated with depression with currently married elderly showing lesser occurrence of mild and severe depression as compared to those who were either unmarried or separated or divorced or widowed. Depression was more common in elderlies residing in joint families. Mild depression was more common in those living in joint families (50.2%) whereas severe depression in nuclear families (8.7%). Financial dependency was seen to increase the number of cases of mild as well as severe depression. Those elderly who were involved in any kind of substance abuse were found to be more at risk of developing depression as compared to their counterparts without these habits.

From overcrowding in the cemetery to secret removals, you'll learn a lot of Portland history as it's acted out both in-person and through a pre-taped video online (just in case you aren't ready to be back among the living just yet).

Just when we thought we had her nailed down, Lindsay Lohan has once again proven her ability to keep us all on our toes. The Beach Club owner and boss is about to appear in her first film since 2013's The Canyons, and I doubt it's anything you thought it would be. Momentum Pictures just dropped the trailer for Among the Shadows, a sci-fi thriller about an ongoing war amongst a secret society of werewolves. Lohan plays a politician's wife trying to protect her husband from an assassination plot. So she hires a werewolf detective (Charlotte Beckett) to help save his life. Check out the trailer below and see for yourself.

But some monsters refuse to be set aside, refuse to disappear into darkness for the dark is their home. And, when they return later in life, they have grown too, bringing all of their childhood terror along with the certain knowledge of madness. Some monsters are real. Sometimes we should be terrified of what lurks among the shadows.

"The inspiration for the song started when a war history website that I follow posted a story of a soldier visiting the graves of his fallen comrades and he described it as walking 'amongst the shadows and the stones," says guitarist Corey Beaulieu.

"The first thing I came up with was 'The ghosts of war will haunt my bones, amongst the shadows and the stones,' which then inspired the music for the song. But the lyrical subject became something totally different as we got deeper into the songwriting, but that was the spark. Now Amongst The Shadows & The Stones captures elements of the heaviest material Trivium has done across our entire catalogue." 041b061a72


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