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A banger is a dish you use to vaporize concentrates on a dab ring or even on a bong. While available in a variety of designs and materials, most bangers are circular and made of quartz. Other less common materials include Borosilicate glass, Ceramic and Titanium. Each material retains heat differently and requires different cleaning methods. These materials all provide different ways to take dabs.


A quartz banger has three main sections: a bucket, neck, and joint. The bucket holds your concentrate, so it is the most important piece. The neck connects the bucket to the joint, which fits onto your concentrate rig. Joints come in three standard sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. While all bangers have these three main sections, there is a wide range of quality between bangers. You can purchase basic bangers for just a few dollars, or buy masterpieces for hundreds or even thousands.

Choosing the right banger is an important decision, in that your banger shapes your overall dabbing experience. Your banger determines the temperature range you can use to vaporize your dab, for example, and it affects the flavor effects of the concentrate and the smoothness of each hit.

Whether you imbibe every day or occasionally, you want your dab smoking equipment to last for more than just a few uses. High-quality bangers may cost a smidge more at checkout, but they can save you money in the long run by holding up longer than their cheaper counterparts.

Bangers must be resilient enough to withstand extreme heat without breaking or emitting harmful gases. A high-quality banger brings your concentrate to the right temperature to thoroughly vaporize your dab; it also holds the heat long enough but cools down quickly for convenience. The material of your banger controls the rate at which it heats up, with Quartz bangers heat up significantly faster than either ceramic or titanium. Quartz also offers superior flavor to both options, and superior heat shock resistance when compared to ceramics.

The best bangers have excellent airflow to deliver a good hit with an easy draw. The seal where the neck is welded to the cup can be a spot where poor workmanship affects airflow. Good quality bangers always feature clean polished welds in this spot to ensure minimum restriction of airflow. Our banger nails from Long Island Quartz aka LiQ offer some of the best airflow in the industry!

The bucket should be big enough to contain any splatter and convenient to clean. Flat bottom bangers are the most common design, with round bottoms becoming more popular. Charlotte Quartz, one of our high-end banger suppliers, offers an excellent round bottom option.

Banger Films is a Canadian film and television production company, which specializes in documentary films and television series on music and culture.[1] The company was launched in 2004 by Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn to create and distribute their first film, Metal: A Headbanger's Journey.[1]

A summertime classic. Try our bangers straight off the grill, served in a crisp French baguette and topped with fresh greens. Add some ketchup, mustard or HP sauce to suit, and try with a hearty pint of Guinness!

At Grasscity, we offer a wide selection of premium dab bangers in a range of styles and materials to make your dab sessions more efficient and most of all, enjoyable. This includes our top-quality and affordable range of quartz, titanium, ceramic, and glass dab bangers.

Dabbing and vaping concentrates have gained popularity over the years and the demand for dab bangers has increased significantly. Dab nails and vapor domes were the most popular dab tools a few years ago, but dab bangers have now become the preferred tool of choice for most dab enthusiasts.

The main consideration when buying a dab banger is to ensure the top of the banger matches the shape of the carb cap (the air and heat trap) so it fits tightly together. The quality can also vary from banger to banger, which is why using a trusted retailer such as Grasscity is recommended. In addition, some dab bangers are also easier to use than others, but the learning curve is minimal.

There are multiple options to choose from when considering a quartz banger, such as a degree quartz banger, round bottom quartz banger, or a male quartz banger. Each of these pieces has its own unique uses and can vary in material thickness for sturdiness.

Quartz does a great job of preserving the flavor of your concentrates and it cools off a lot faster than titanium, allowing dabbers to achieve the optimal dabbing temperature quicker than with a ceramic or titanium nail banger.

We even stock color-changing thermal bangers, and bangers with a 4mm thick wall design for added heat retention. You can also make your dab sessions more enjoyable with dab accessories such as dabbers, non-stick silicone dishes, catchers, grinders, terp slurper marbles which are great for low temp dabs, and stash containers.

A dab banger and a dab nail serve the same purpose but are different accessories used to vaporize concentrates on a dab rig. They both offer a place to load your material onto, and use an external heat source, but work in different ways. Both can be made from glass, quartz, titanium, or ceramic.

Dab Banger: Dab bangers are bucket-shaped, usually feature a thick bottom base, and are great for more liquid-type concentrates. They are commonly used with a carb cap that acts as a lid to capture and retain the heat from the preheated round bottom base. They can also be used with spinner beads or terp pearls for added effectiveness.

Dab Nail: A nail is a nail-shaped insert with a flat head that is heated before loading. Dab nails work well with a more solid concentrate that can be placed on their heated nail heads. Some quartz banger nails use a vapor dome to control the airflow and regulate temperatures during the vaporization process, and many feature air holes to facilitate airflow.

Large bangers are designed for people who prefer larger dabs, vaporizing a significant amount of concentrate with a blast of heat, and retaining this heat for a number of minutes. Larger bangers are not ideal for anyone who likes to carb dabs.

A quartz dab banger should be heated (torched) for around 30 seconds and no more than 60 seconds. Regular glass, ceramic, and titanium bangers should be heated for around 60 seconds (20 seconds on each side, then 20 seconds on top.)

Yes. Overheating your dab banger can cause permanent damage, leaving visible wear and tear, and causing the material to break down so it is no longer fit for purpose. A dab rig should be heated to a temperature of between 300-400F, avoiding damage to the banger and releasing a better flavor profile.

Once heated, you should leave the banger to cool for around 40-45 seconds before taking a dab, although you will learn your own optimal heating and cooling times with continued use. It is also advised to clean your banger with a cotton swab after every session.

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