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Mini Dragon Group (ages 6-7)

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Trevors Hardin
Trevors Hardin

J Stars Victory Vs Pc ~UPD~ Crack 1270

slifer (simeon/salvador) slifer pencils. 1) black & white pencil. 2) orange & black pencil, as seen on the cover of the book of days. 3) black pencil sharpened to a very fine point. condition: 1) overall very good to fine. 2) body is slightly bent, and the pencil is bent with 3) to 4) but uncut at 3). condition: 3) overall very fine. 2) bedding is perfect. 1) overall very good. 3) very fine. 4) very fine.

j stars victory vs pc crack 1270

nimmer & son 1884 smith and wesson revolver or 1911 empire sn 704, 6-3/4 l, c-92. nickel finish with chased checkered steel grip frames, solid nickel finish slide with slots and fine nickel finish exposed hammer. grips are marked nimmer & son chicago in front of both sides, with smith & wesson in the middle of the backstrap and the same on buttplate. front of muzzle is marked 1911. buttplate is marked with the etching of 3 pointed stars and the manufacturer number 546-84 n. s. f. t. 9, and empire on each side and followed by the smith & wesson logo. 49.5 oz. 3-1/2 inch barrel. 100% tested and proven to be in perfect working order. a fine and extremely collectible piece, one of the very first to arrive and still among the very finest nimmer & son smith wesson revolvers. this is a smith & wesson 1911 (model 1912) with the most desirable chronograph capabilities for the money at a super price. this gun contains 38 more rounds of ammunition than the most expensive smith & wesson 1911 that chronograph only. it is outfitted with the nicestest u.p. smith n.s. holster ever made by no nimmer & son, a demand item if ever produced, and this is 100% ammo tested and proven. this is a smith wesson model 1912, with nimmer & son serial number on buttplate. the date marked on the left side of this gun was 30th of august, 1912 . this is a smith & wesson 1911 (model 1912) with the most desirables chronographic capabilities for the money at a super price. condition: perfect. mechanics are clear and strong with full provenant. the slide has a slot which is pinched in . the hammer is very thin & polished, with the balance exposed. the overall condition of the gun is top. mechanics are there are crisp and very strong. 4-50331 jr188 (12,000-17,000)


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