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Essay on Quaid e Azam in Urdu for Class 7

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was the founder of Pakistan and the leader of the Muslim League. He was born on 25 December 1876 in Karachi. He was a lawyer, politician, and statesman. He is also known as the Father of the Nation and the Great Leader.


Quaid e Azam was a visionary leader who dreamed of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India. He realized that the Muslims were a distinct nation with their own culture, religion, and identity. He believed that the Muslims could not live peacefully and prosperously under the Hindu majority rule. He wanted to secure the rights and interests of the Muslims in a democratic and constitutional way.

Quaid e Azam joined the Indian National Congress in 1906 and became its president in 1916. He worked with other leaders like Gandhi and Nehru to achieve independence from the British rule. However, he soon realized that the Congress was not sincere in protecting the rights of the Muslims. He felt that the Congress was dominated by the Hindus who wanted to impose their culture and religion on the Muslims. He also saw that the British were dividing and weakening the Muslims by creating separate electorates and provinces.

Quaid e Azam left the Congress in 1920 and joined the Muslim League. He became its president in 1934 and transformed it into a mass political party. He mobilized the Muslims of India to demand a separate state for themselves. He presented his famous Two-Nation Theory, which stated that the Hindus and Muslims were two different nations who could not coexist in one country. He declared that Pakistan was the only solution for the Muslims of India.

Quaid e Azam led the Pakistan Movement with courage and determination. He faced many challenges and difficulties from the British, the Congress, and some Muslim leaders who opposed his idea of Pakistan. He also suffered from poor health and had to travel frequently to different parts of India to address public meetings and rallies. He inspired millions of Muslims with his speeches and slogans. He urged them to unite under one flag and one platform.

Quaid e Azam achieved his goal of creating Pakistan on 14 August 1947 after a long and hard struggle. He became the first Governor-General of Pakistan and worked tirelessly to establish a strong and stable government. He also laid down the foundations of democracy, rule of law, and Islamic principles in Pakistan. He wanted Pakistan to be a progressive, modern, and welfare state where all citizens could enjoy equal rights and opportunities.

Quaid e Azam died on 11 September 1948 due to tuberculosis. He left behind a legacy of greatness and glory for Pakistan and its people. He is remembered as a hero, a leader, and a statesman who gave his life for his nation. He is respected and admired by people all over the world for his vision, wisdom, and courage.

Quaid e Azam is my favorite personality and my role model. I am proud to be his follower and his admirer. I want to follow his footsteps and serve my country with honesty and dedication. I want to make Pakistan a strong, prosperous, and peaceful country as he envisioned.


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