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₹2,500.00 Regular Price
₹1,500.00Sale Price
    • MATERIAL INFORMATION: Each mat size : 3 Feet X 3 Feet X 18 mm Overall height (approx), Each mat weight : 10 Kgs (approx), Type : Interlocking, Color : Black, Made from Non-toxic Heavy-Duty natural rubber, these are Durable & Hygienic multi-purpose gym mats. High density natural rubber makes it flexible, hard wearing and tear/shear resistant. Hollowed reverse technology with Studs for Active cushioning & pressure relief. Slip resistant Amoeba pattern for extra grip. Great Impact Absorption, prevents the Floor & Equipment’s from damage. Sound deadening property makes it suitable for Gyms, Storage rooms/warehouses. Easy Interlocking design to join multiple mats together to cover larges areas without pasting. Sweat and moisture repellent, our gym mats are the most hygienic solution for your gym (as opposed to using EVA foam / Crumb mats which may tear and absorb sweat and moisture)



    • FIT FOR EVERYPLACE: Commercial Gyms, Home Gyms, Health clubs, Play grounds, Play areas, Treadmill areas, Athletic arenas, Dance studios, Doggie care (Kennel), Elevators, Farm facilities, Locker rooms, Sound proofing, Industrial work stations, Work bench mats, Warehouses, Garages, Dog Kennels, Loading/unloading areas, Boats etc.,


    • QUALITY PACKAGING: Bubble Wrap Coverage for Extended Protection from Moisture and Dirt, and for Secured Transit Coverage,Premium Tape Sealing for Strong grip & Excellent Packing.


    • CLEANING & MAINTANANCE: You may use Pvc / Nylon carpet brush to clean the mats.You may also apply some mild Lemon dishwashing gel on the mats, leave it for a few mins and then wash it with plain water and wipe the mats with a dry cloth/towel. Before first use, we suggest you to follow the above steps.


    • THINGS TO AVOID: Using harsh chemicals / harsh brushes on the mats.It is not advisable to keep the mats under direct sunlight for any reason. If there is no shed on top, you may use a shade net or a tarpaulin.