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Mogamul Tamil Novel Pdf 30

Mogamul Tamil Novel PDF 30 - A Review of the Classic Love Story by T. Janakiraman

Mogamul (Thorn of Desire) is a Tamil novel written by T. Janakiraman, one of the prominent writers of modern Tamil literature. The novel was first published in 1966 and has been translated into many Indian languages and adapted into a movie in 1995. The novel is considered as a masterpiece of Tamil literature and explores the complex emotions of love, lust, and betrayal with a gripping plot and realistic characters.

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The novel revolves around the love triangle between Natesan, a young lawyer, Jayanthi, his wife, and Thilagam, his childhood friend. Natesan and Thilagam share a deep bond since their childhood, but their relationship is never consummated due to various circumstances. Natesan marries Jayanthi, a beautiful and educated woman, who loves him sincerely. However, Natesan is unable to forget Thilagam and continues to meet her secretly. Thilagam, who is married to an abusive husband, also longs for Natesan's love and hopes for a reunion with him. The novel depicts the inner turmoil of the three characters as they struggle with their feelings and face the consequences of their actions.

The novel is divided into 30 chapters and each chapter reveals a different aspect of the characters and their relationships. The novel also portrays the social and cultural milieu of Tamil Nadu in the mid-20th century, with vivid descriptions of the rural and urban settings, the customs and traditions, and the legal and political issues. The novel also explores the themes of morality, sexuality, feminism, and human nature with a nuanced and realistic approach.

Mogamul Tamil Novel PDF 30 is a digital version of the novel that can be downloaded from various online platforms. The PDF format allows the readers to enjoy the novel on their devices without any hassle. The PDF version also preserves the original text and layout of the novel, making it easy to read and appreciate. The PDF version also has some advantages over the print version, such as:

  • It is cheaper and more accessible than the print version.

  • It is portable and can be stored in any device.

  • It can be read anytime and anywhere without any disturbance.

  • It can be shared with others easily through email or social media.

  • It can be printed or converted into other formats if needed.

Mogamul Tamil Novel PDF 30 is a must-read for anyone who loves Tamil literature and wants to experience a classic love story that will touch their hearts. The novel is also a great way to learn about the rich and diverse culture of Tamil Nadu and its people. The novel is available for download from [Amazon], [Noolulagam], [Goodreads], and other online sources.


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