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Battlefield Vietnam Ww2 Patch __TOP__

==================================================================Battlefield Vietnam(tm) World War II Mod Extended v0.9Read Me FileFebruary 12, 2006==================================================================The WW2 Mod Extended REQUIRES Battlefield Vietnam WW2 Mod v1.0 or higher to run.The WW2 Mod REQUIRES Battlefield Vietnam v1.1 or higher to run.KNOWN INSTALL ISSUES AND WORKAROUNDS-- 1.2 Patch and EA's WW2 Mod - If you have not installed the EA's WW2 mod, It is importantto install the 1.2 patch after installing the WW2 mod. If the WW2mod is installedafter the 1.2 patch, the WW2 mod will not function properly. To resolve this issueinstall patch 1.2 again after you installed ww2 mod.The WW2 mod Extended is a conversion of the original Battlefield 1942to the updated engine of Battlefield Vietnam. The all original mapshave been transferred to the new engine. These theaters come to lifelike never before using the overgrowth and undergrowth that made BFVsuch a hit. All of the characters, weapons, and vehicles have alsobeen redone to make use of the advanced BFV rendering engine. Theoriginal BF1942 content married to the gameplay tweaks introduced inBFV combine to create a whole new Battlefield experience.Mortars add a new dimension to the maps, but the biggest additionare the new flame throwers. These are devastating close range anti-infantryweapons, best used to clear structures or block paths with a wallof flame. They are very effective against scout cars, but are considerablyless effective against armored vehicles.Levels included in the WW2mod eXtended:AberdeenBattleaxeBattle of BritainBattle of the BulgeBerlinBocageCoral seaEl AlameinGazalaGhostfront (Community Bonus Map)Guadal CanalInvasion of the PhilippinesIwo JimaKharkovKurskLiberation of CaenMarket GardenMidwayOmaha BeachStalingradTobrukWakeThe levels contain all the vehicles and weapons included in their BF1942counterparts. All levels are compatible with conquest, single-player,and Co-Op modes unless noted in the known problems section below.==================================================================Known Issues==================================================================The WW2 mod is not compatible with Custom Combat.* No Singleplayer for map Ghostfront* Battle Of Britian map not finished, still bugs- Germans can Spawn on Allied Land* Coral Sea map not finished- Multiplayer Co-op has corrupt data bug* Liberation of Caen has excessive lag==================================================================MOD Team Website==================================================================Bfc.gamersradio.comBattlefield Conversion Team==================================================================Offical Game Server==================================================================Name: BFCIP: TBDPort: TBD==================================================================The Mod That Almost Never Was==================================================================This mod was started more than a year ago by Sexcalibur. Initially, thecore group were some of the most talented modders available in theBattlefield Community. Along the way, personal differences led to theultimate demise of this mod. Finally, Sexcalibur left the team. At thatpoint, Atomm of requested permission to pick up what wasleft in an effort to get it to the public. With 3 remaining mod teammembers, GRBRaze, DAVC and Running With Scissors, we struggled with afew major bugs. Ultimately, DACV and Running With Scissors slowly driftedaway leaving GRB Raze with the last known good copy of the mod.However, there were still some issues that had to be worked out beforethis project could be released to the public. In his spare time, Razeworked through them one by one. He even went as far as redoing the 2Dartwork and fixing some of the video lag issues that plagued the modsince day one.We were close to being done when Battlefield 2 was released. It seemedinterest for this mod was all but nonexistant. Even Raze and Atomm weresucked up by the new Battlefield 2 game. So, the mod set on a server.As the newness of BF2 wore off, Raze started poking around with thelast few issues, even adding a Community Bonus Map, Ghost Front, basedon the close forest fighting of the Battle of the Bulge. Complete withSnow and Fire, Ghost Front was our way of saying thank you to everyonewho ever had any interest in this mod and waited paitently for it'srelease. It's not much, but we hope you enjoy it.So... Where are we now? We can not say that the mod is in a FinalRelease status, but we can say it is very close. I would call it thelast Release Candidate as it is very playable. Rather than leaving itsitting here for no one to play, we decided to release it. Even if youonly play it for one weekend, we feel it is better to give the BFcommunity back all the hard work they put into converting Battlefield 42to the Battlefield Vietnam engine. If nothing else, we really feel BF42looks better on the BFV engine. It would be a shame to leave thissitting on a server, never have been played.==================================================================Thank You==================================================================We would like to thank DICE for creating Battlefield 1942. It is agame that meant so much to gamers like us. Maybe someday DICE willrevisit WWII and give us another incredible First Person Shooter.We would like to thank Sexcalibur for starting this mod. In the end,he could not get the job done, but he had a lot of heart.We would like to thank all of the guys from Planet Battlefield whoinitially joined this mod and poured their heart and souls into it.This may be the only release, but it would never have been if not foryour commitment to the BF Community.We would like to thank the gang in the Gamers Radio Battalion. Whenno one else seemed to be willing to help test this mod, you jumpedright in.Personally, I, Atomm would like to thank Raze. It's funny, but Iasked to bring him on board initially as the Website Designer. Whowould have ever imagined he would be the last guy standing when thedust cleared.I would also like to thank Raze for bring my idea, Ghost Front tolife. You see, I was only a project manager on this mod, having noartisitic abilities. When I drew a rough sketch of Ghost Front on apiece of paper, Raze brought it to life. It was everything I hadwanted and more. Thank you my friend. I hope everyone enjoysthis fun map.Finally, I would like to thank you for downloading this mod. Withoutyou, there would be no mod. Make sure you join us for good times onFriday Night Fights where we will be reliving the glory days ofBF42 with Trees and Grass! Woohoo!

Battlefield Vietnam Ww2 Patch

With the Battlelog team expanding to Battlefield 2142, I though it would be a good idea to create a patch to revive Battlefield Vietnam. A few people still play Vietnam, and wouldn't it be a good idea to revive it?

Yes, SiMPLE is on it. Had it in mind to patch Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII Demo before GameSpy shutdown and never did it out of laziness.The in-game server browser is now restored in Battlefield Vietnam and the no CD patch still has to be done the right way. I cannot promise there will be widescreen support, though.

Here it is: Battlefield Vietnam v1.21 patchedIt has widescreen support, I guess, no CD patch is finally correct and has in-game browser working. Please test it.Tomorrow I will do it for Battlefield Vietnam version 1.2, then will work on the server binaries and creating an easy GameSpy patch, like I did for Battlefield 1942.

Battlefield Vietnam v1.2 patched released. Mind that this is a work in progress, there are still some improvements and bug fixes to be made, but the most important stuff is done.Do not copy file to somewhere else, instead link to page if you wish to share, because I will update patched files, whenever possible.

In both World Wars and Korea, artillery was the deadliest threat to soldiers. In Vietnam, because the enemy had relatively little heavy weaponry, most injuries were caused by machine gun fire, mines, and booby traps. As a consequence, the rate of major amputations as a percentage of all battle injuries actually increased to 3.4% from 1.4% in Korea and 1.2% in World War I [114]. Blast injuries, often from beneath the injured soldier, caused deep penetration of foreign material into the thigh and often hips and knees. After battlefield evacuation, usually by helicopter, surgeons evaluated the wound, and the decision to amputate was made by an orthopaedic specialist. The open-flap amputation was the preferred procedure, with delayed closure, although the circular method also was allowed. Amputation was performed at the most distal point, with all nonviable tissue débrided [8]. Although experience from previous wars and official recommendations called for continuous skin traction, a 1970 study of 300 amputees indicated only 44% had been treated with some form of skin traction [145]. Pins and plaster were applied before evacuation to a stateside hospital.


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