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Trevors Hardin

Aerofly FS 2 - Switzerland

Back to the topic of this thread: a well coordinated effort for improving the Switzerland DLC would be great. Some published cultivation (USA) is of a poor quality, e.g. people are not aware of the exclude feature (result is a mixture of cultivation and Aerofly scenery) or they are not really familiar with the scenproc script. For a good result only people with a very good understanding of scenproc should do building cultivation of Switzerland. And enhancements would be needed. For Switzerland it would be good to have e.g. farmhouses. This exists in the OSM data and can surely be filtered by Scenproc, but they do not exist in the cultivation library. I also think that the vegetation needs to be done for the whole switzerland, which is a lot of work. Maybe this includes new texturing also.

Aerofly FS 2 - Switzerland

Download File:

I have copied a radio tower (fernsehturm) from the switzerland dlc to four other places within the switzerland dlc. The link below contains the explanation how this can be done. I could share the tsc files with you of the four places I copied. You then only need to copy the folder 'fernsehturm' from the switzerland dlc, rename it and replace the tsc in it.

On this site you find answers to frequently asked questions about the aeroflyFS.If you don`t find your question please use the support contactsheet to send a new one.

The scenery of aerofly FS is based on real aerial images made at a certain time of day and a certain time of the year. So the current version does not allow the changing of time. We will consider this for a future update, since aerofly FS already features the ability to do real time lighting computations.

aerofly FS puts its focus on extremly realisitic flight physics. All aircraft flies extremly close to their real counterparts. So in this respect its not an arcade flight simulator! Yet, aerofly Fs focuses on an intuitive user interface so one can concentrate fully on the flying side. There are no complicated setup procedures to get the aircraft going, simply run aerofly FS and off you go!

aerofly FS puts its main focus on the flying side paired with awesome graphics, realistic physics and a fluent simulation speed. The operation of all aircraft iskept very simple on purpose, so no setup has to be done inside an aircraft to start flying. Yet all basic instruments in the cockpit are animated and show real values. If you are looking for exact aircraft operations like setting up navigational instruments or adjusting the motor then other simulators are better for you.

aerofly FS is currently covering the whole area of Swityerland. However we have also modelled the outside areas like Germany, France and Italy with lower resolutions images. So yes, you can fly outside of Switzerland, but with a reduced quality.

The graphic quality settings have a huge impact on the performance of aerofly FS. If you are using a graphic card with 512 MB or less do not set the Texture qualities higher than Medium. If aerofly FS is impossible to use after changing the settings, you may have to reset the default settings. Have a look at the next question on how to do this.

First locate the aerofly FS user folder, this is described in the previous question. The file tm.log is located right inside this folder. Is TrackIR ( Head Tracking feature ) supported in the Mac version? Currently there is no support for TrackIR in the Mac version of aerofly FS.

There is a bug in aerofly FS that causes the program to crash whenever a Playstation 3 controller is connected to your Mac. Please disconnect the controller before starting aerofly FS. This bug will be fixed in an upcoming update. Question:Does aerofly FS run in a virtual machine like VMWare or Parallels for Mac OS X? aerofly FS cannot be used in a virtual machine. We offer dedicated versions of aerofly FS for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


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