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Trevors Hardin
Trevors Hardin

Numerical Recipes Source A Comprehensive and Customizable Package of Numerical Methods and Algorithms for Scientific Computing

now we wrote a script to search for instances of the terms 'code','software', and'software code'. we also added the names of the authors to our list of terms to search for. each instance of a term in the source code was listed and the name of the author of the article who may have authored the code was added to our list of authors. finally, we tried to find a paper where the software was used to compute another paper. we may have missed some instances of this because we may have been unable to find a paper that contained the software. we also may have missed some uses of the software because of the code was in a comment and not mentioned in the article or the author only mentioned it in a footnote. we also made some simple changes to the script to make it more efficient. the code is pretty easy to follow and the script is written in python 2. we used a list called extract to keep track of the titles and authors that we had found. we have a list of authors and titles that we will use to see if we have included all of the work of the authors of this book. then we iterate through the extract list, searching for a term in each of the extracted files.

numerical recipes source

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since they have not made their code available to the public, we can not access it ourselves to see what else is in it. if there are other applications that use the code, it is very likely that other sources exist in the name of the algorithm. if i want to know about the implementation of an algorithm, i look at the implementation of it. this would be an option to study the code and see if there is any other implementation or analysis that existed of the algorithm.


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