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Trevors Hardin
Trevors Hardin

Tezz Movie Full Download Mp4

The director has been experimenting a lot with different stories, and the Tezz movie is a victim of that. The mere mention of a bullet train is enough to grab your attention. It takes another plunge with different themes. Not all of them are successful, but they are not done with the intention of exploring different themes. One of the ways in which he has gone about experimenting with themes is through the pace of the film. Sometimes the pacing seems to have been lost. This could be anything from the fact that the filmmaker is really trying to get people into a film they would not usually watch, or else he could have gone all out, and failed. So, you see, the filmmaking style of this movie is sort of tangential with the total quality of the film.

Tezz Movie Full Download Mp4

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The screenwriter of the film, R K Yajnik is one of the few whose words of wisdom the director has taken advantage of. You can clearly appreciate his efforts in the screenplay and dialogue delivery. There are some moments when it seems like the movie could be over but it does not suffer from a lack of exposition. On the whole, the screenplays a winner. The various set pieces are executed perfectly. We witness the characters journey from a taxi driver to a wannabe cop, who, later on, turns out to be much more dangerous than the police he had joined.

Who doesn't like to enjoy a good train ride? Who doesn't like to travel? Well, you've come to the right place. TEZZ, the story of a train set in motion to get a ransom from its passengers, will make you want to travel all the way to Glasgow for its London show. It is, as we shall see, an exciting ride.


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