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Tulsidas 4 Full Movie Download Torrent

Tulsidas 4 Full Movie Review

Tulsidas 4 is a 2023 Indian Hindi-language sports film directed by Mridul Mahendra and produced by Ashutosh Gowariker and Bhushan Kumar. It is the fourth installment in the Tulsidas franchise, which started with Toolsidas Junior in 2022. The film stars Sanjay Dutt, Varun Buddhadev, Sara Arjun, and Ankur Vikal in the lead roles, while Dalip Tahil, Chinmay Chandrashuh, Tasveer Kamil, and Ravi Shankar Jaiswal play supporting roles.

Tulsidas 4 Full Movie Download Torrent

The film follows the journey of Midi (Buddhadev), a snooker prodigy who wants to fulfill his father Toolsidas' (Kapoor) dream of becoming a world champion. With the help of his mentor Mohammad Salaam (Dutt), Midi trains hard and faces various challenges and rivals on his way to glory. Along the way, he also develops a friendship with Pia (Arjun), a fellow snooker player who supports him in his quest.

The film is a tribute to the late Rajiv Kapoor, who played Toolsidas in the first film and passed away in February 2021. His character is shown in flashbacks and photographs throughout the film. The film also features a cameo appearance by Amitabh Bachchan, who plays himself as a snooker legend and Midi's idol.

Plot Summary

The film begins with a flashback of the 1994 Club Snooker Championship, where Toolsidas loses to his arch-rival Jimmy Tandon (Tahil) in the final match. His son Midi, who is watching from the audience, vows to bring his father's name on the winner's board someday.

Cut to 2023, Midi is now a young man who has become a national snooker champion under the guidance of Salaam Bhai, who was once a snooker legend himself but lost his fame and fortune due to gambling addiction. Midi is preparing for the World Snooker Championship, which will be held in London. He is confident and determined to win the title for his father, who died of a heart attack a few years ago.

However, Midi faces several obstacles on his way to London. He has to deal with his elder brother Goti (Chandrashuh), who resents him for neglecting their mother (Kamil) and their family business. He also has to face his old nemesis KK Burman (Vikal), who is now a professional snooker player and Jimmy Tandon's protégé. Burman is jealous of Midi's talent and popularity and tries to sabotage his chances of qualifying for the world championship.

Midi also meets Pia, a young girl who is passionate about snooker and wants to become a professional player herself. She admires Midi's skills and personality and becomes his friend and supporter. She helps him overcome his self-doubts and fears and encourages him to pursue his dream.

Midi manages to qualify for the world championship after defeating Burman in a thrilling match. He also reconciles with his brother and mother, who are proud of him and wish him luck. He leaves for London with Salaam Bhai and Pia, who joins him as his manager.

In London, Midi faces tough competition from players from different countries. He also meets Amitabh Bachchan, who is one of the judges of the tournament and praises Midi for his talent and dedication. Midi is overjoyed to meet his idol and thanks him for inspiring him.

Midi reaches the final round of the tournament, where he has to face Jimmy Tandon's son Jai Tandon (Jaiswal), who is also a snooker prodigy and has inherited his father's arrogance and ruthlessness. The match is tense and exciting, with both players displaying their best skills and strategies. The score is tied at 17-17 in the final frame, with only the black ball remaining on the table.

Midi gets a chance to pot the black ball and win the match, but he hesitates as he remembers his father's words that snooker is not just a game but an art form that requires respect and grace. He decides to let Jai have the shot, as a gesture of sportsmanship and honor. Jai is surprised and confused by Midi's move, but he takes the shot and misses. Midi then pots the black ball and wins the match and the world championship.

The crowd cheers for Midi, who lifts the trophy and dedicates it to his father. He also thanks Salaam Bhai, Pia, Amitabh Bachchan, and all his fans and supporters for their love and guidance. He says that he has fulfilled his father's dream and his own. He also says that he has learned that snooker is not just about winning or losing, but about playing with passion and dignity.

Critical Reception

Tulsidas 4 received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. The film was praised for its engaging story, realistic portrayal of snooker, and emotional appeal. The film was also lauded for its performances, especially by Sanjay Dutt, Varun Buddhadev, Sara Arjun, and Rajiv Kapoor. The film was also appreciated for its music by Daniel B. George, who composed the background score and the only song in the film, "Udd Chala", sung by Sachet Tandon and Ujjwal Kashyap.

The Times of India gave the film 4 out of 5 stars and wrote, "Tulsidas 4 is a heart-winning tale of a teen aspiring to become a snooker champion. The film is a perfect blend of drama, emotion, humor, and action. The film also pays a fitting tribute to the late Rajiv Kapoor, who shines in his final role as Toolsidas."[3]

IMDb gave the film 7.4 out of 10 based on 2.6K user ratings and wrote, "Tulsidas 4 is a well-made sports film that delivers on its promise of entertainment and inspiration. The film has a strong script, direction, and performances that make it a must-watch for snooker fans and movie lovers alike."[1]


  • The film is based on the life and childhood of director Mridul Mahendra, who was a snooker enthusiast himself and wanted to make a film on the sport.[2]

  • The film marks the posthumous and final film appearance of Rajiv Kapoor, who died in February 2021 due to a cardiac arrest. He had completed shooting for the film before his demise.[2]

  • The film features a cameo appearance by Amitabh Bachchan, who plays himself as a snooker legend and Midi's idol. Bachchan agreed to do the cameo as he was impressed by the script and the director's vision.[2]

  • The film won two awards at the 68th National Film Awards: Best Feature Film in Hindi and National Jury Award - Special Mention for Varun Buddhadev.[2]


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